How to Market Your Dental Practice to Moms

Patients play a vital role in your dental practice’s productivity and success. To get more patients, market your dental practice to moms. Mothers are often responsible for selecting dentists and scheduling appointments for the whole family. A health study conducted by the Kaiser Family Foundation reveals that 74% of mothers make healthcare decisions for their children.

Strategies to Market Your Dental Practice to Moms

A Center for Talent Innovation Report declares that women account for 70% of global purchasing decisions. These are the reasons why marketing your dental practice to moms is the key to get more patients. 

Here a few dental marketing strategies that help to market your practice to mothers:

1. Don’t Stereotype and Be Social 

Nowadays, you cannot expect that mothers are homemakers. They are diverse group of women. They may stay at home, work at a company, own their own business, and so much more. Make sure your marketing materials, including your practice’s brochures, advertisements, and website, reflect the diversity. Today’s moms are also active on social media. Use popular social media sites such as Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest to reach out to mothers.

2. Focus on Reviews and Testimonials

Moms trust other moms’ opinions about dental practices. Online reviews and ratings are a comparatively easy way to learn what others have to say about a dental practice. Make sure you have recent, positive reviews and respond to negative reviews quickly. You can also post your patient reviews and ratings on your social media sites.

3. Emphasize Convenience

Mothers are usually the busiest, so you should assure to make their dental visits as convenient as possible. You can send them real-time alerts when you have last-minute cancellations, or if a dentist is not available.

4. Make It Mobile-Friendly

Now, all moms rely on smartphones, so make sure your marketing messages are mobile-friendly. Also, mothers use smartphones to schedule or cancel their family’s dental appointments. You can contact the mother when family members are due for a dental visit. Send them automated appointment reminders and confirm the appointments through an automated call, text, or email.

5. Focus on Her Family 

Ensure that your dental practice provides customized and family-friendly dental services in a comfortable environment. Talk about the services, treatments, and discounts you offer for children and elders. Posting videos are a simple way to market your dental practice to moms and show how your practice caters to her family.

You can post a video that shows your practice more welcoming and pleasing, staff interacting with your patients with a warm smile, and how your waiting room entertains kids while they wait. These details would be helpful for moms to make well-informed decisions on what dentist to choose.

6. Address a Mom’s Specific Dental Needs

Addressing specific dental needs and concerns of mothers is a great way to reach out to them with your dental marketing. During pregnancy, women are susceptible to dental problems such as periodontal disease, tooth enamel damage, and gum irritation. Pregnant women need gentle dental care to cure these problems. You can talk about how your dental practice can address the dental needs of pregnant women.

With these dental marketing ideas, you can reach out to moms and get more patients.

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