6 Ways to Improve Your Dental Front Office Productivity

A smooth-running dental front office is important for increased productivity and successful routine operations. Whether your goal is to get new patients, retain existing patients, or build your credibility, your front office staff should be productive and efficient.

improve dental front office productivity

Here are 6 ways to improve your dental front office productivity:

1. Hire the Right Front Office Staff

Hire the front office employees who are flexible and capable of delivering excellent work. Your front office staff is the face of your practice and will determine how the local community and your patients perceive your practice. Hire the front desk employees, who:

  • Have soft and technical skills
  • Are willing to learn new things
  • Can get things done on time
  • Can be friendly and available to your patients and visitors

2. Design Your Front Desk Layout for Maximum Efficiency 

An unorganized front desk layout can slow down your front office staff. Make sure to keep files, forms, and other office supplies readily accessible to them. Also, add ergonomic chairs, computer setups, and proper lighting. Invest in the things that your front desk employees need to be efficient and productive.

3. Organize Tasks and Automate a Few  

Create a task list that needs to be completed for the day, and email this list to your front office staff at the beginning of the day. This will help your staff be prepared to complete daily tasks while attending to patients. To help alleviate their workload, automate a few routine tasks such as data backup, social media activities, and accounting. Automating the tasks can

eliminate time-consuming paperwork, minimize interruptions, and allow staff to focus on more urgent tasks.

4. Streamline Communications 

Communication is key to maximize your front office’s productivity. Encourage your front office staff to use email or two-way texts while communicating with patients. Exchanging two-way texts will help your front office staff to know whether a patient has received a message or confirmed their appointment. Otherwise, they can quickly call or text them to follow-up.

5. Book Appointments Evenly 

Train your front office staff to book appointments evenly and make sure everyone gets an appointment. Ask them to avoid booking an appointment when the dental office is packed with patients. Send automated messages before 2 or 3 days to remind patients about their appointments. This will help them be on time and avoid last-minute cancellations.

6. Schedule Staff Appropriately 

It may be possible that two or three of your front desk staff need leave on the same day. The absence of employees may decrease productivity. To avoid this, create a policy that only one front desk employee can take a day off at the same time. Swap your employees’ lunch breaks if your office is not closed at lunchtime. This will make sure there will be someone to greet patients and attend phone calls.

With these dental front desk tips, you can improve productivity, enhance patient experience, and reduce stress.

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Steffany Mohan, DDS

Dr. Steffany Mohan, DDS is a highly accomplished dentist, speaker, and coach in dentistry and has been practicing for around 22 years in West Des Moines, IA. She is renowned for her achievements in implant practice management and has established Plaza Dental Group as among the busiest and most thriving dental offices in Iowa