How Paperless Patient Registration Benefits Dental Practice

Have you transitioned to a paperless dental practice yet, or are you aiming to do so?

Changing to a paperless dental practice helps you achieve a lot more than just supporting the planet and saving trees. Having paperless forms will eradicate filing, printing, scanning, and shredding in your dental office.

Also, switching to paperless patient registration increases your practice's profitability and improves your patients' experience with your dental practice.

How Paperless Patient Registration Benefits Dental Practice

Here's a closer look at how paperless patient registration benefits your dental practice:

1. Better Accuracy

Comprehending patients' handwriting can be a challenge for your front desk staff. Wrong data entry in manual record creation can lead to faulty record creation and miscommunications in your dental practice. This can result in serious consequences, including delayed payments, not being able to contact patients, or wrongly coding insurance forms. In the worst-case scenario, a patient's health can be placed at risk if significant medical data is missing or inaccurate.

2. Improved Security

Many practices have issues with the security of paper forms with private information, including patients' birthdates, contact information, and health problems. Sensitive data may be insecure when documents are left unattended. For patients who are worried about cybersecurity and data privacy, digital record keeping can be a win-win situation for both your patients and practice.

3. Enhanced Efficiency

Paper-based registration system comprises of many time-consuming steps, including collecting paper documents, creating copies, entering the data, and then verifying the records for errors. Also, cleaning paper files and shredding old documents from time to time are required. Every necessary change to your intake and registration forms will involve getting fresh form templates or manually adjusting the design of your forms and then taking out new print outs.

4. Reduced Wait Time

You have one chance to create a first impression on your patients. Therefore, you cannot risk it by having them experience lengthy paperwork formalities in your waiting room on their first visit. After all, reduced wait time indicates happier patients, so avoid the chaos through paperless patient registration. 
To sum-up, a dental practice that switches to a paperless approach will save both time and actual material expense, which will result in a significantly higher ROI for the providers.

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