How to Make Your Practice Successful with Effective Dental Office Management

As an experienced dentist and the owner of several dental offices, I can very well relate to the challenges of setting up and sustaining a new dental practice. Every dentist dreams of improving the patient acquisition for their dental practice, but sadly, many of them aren’t aware of how to boost a steady volume of patients. I believe that if you stay organized and focus on providing an outstanding patient experience by using some of the effective marketing ideas for dentists, you can be one of the best dental practices.

Dental Office - Steffany Mohan

How Your Dental Office Efficiency Can Be Improved

How you manage your dental office gives a lasting impression to your patients and considerably affects your patient retention. If you are a dentist, the odds are that you are already facing decent competition in your area. New dental practices are all vying for attention from new patients. I think it’s important to have wise strategies for getting ahead of your competitors. Here are some of my recommendations for effective dental office management to help you achieve a successful practice.

1. Know Your Practice’s Unique Selling Point (USP)

First, identify and promote your unique competitive edge to properly establish your practice as a prominent dental health care provider in your area. From providing comprehensive oral health services to highlighting a particular area of expertise, your unique qualities can attract and maintain a high volume of patients.

When it comes to emphasizing on what sets your dental practice apart, I have found that your proven techniques are the best bet. Consider your unique approaches and innovative ways to engage with top-class patients, build your brand, and promote your business as the preferred dental care provider in your region.

2. Introduce an Office Culture

The next move involves diving a bit deeper to analyze your office culture. I think the office culture should incorporate your personality, values, leadership style, behavior, expectations, systems, and how the staff members interact with each other and with patients.

Focus on developing and strengthening your office culture through regular sessions with your staff members. Encourage them to participate in discussions about your dental office’s usual processes as well as on its long-term goals. Make sure your entire team is always on the same page. When everyone will work towards the same purpose, your dental practice will prosper!

3. Focus on Service Expansion

I think it’s essential to consider ways to expand your services to increase your practice’s value. Your practice will stay competitive and attract the interest of prospective patients. So if your current dental office size limits your production capacity, think of relocating to a more strategic location or adding extra associates. You can even plan to upgrade your clinic’s accessibility or can think of setting up new specialties to meet the growing needs of your community.

My advice to you would be that with whatever route you’re taking into consideration, be sure not to strain your practice! Strike the right balance between modern technology and uncompromising quality to turn into a successful dentist of strong repute with loyal clients, and increased profits.

4. Offer Financial Flexibility

I have noticed that when you offer comprehensive payment options to patients, it encourages them to accept treatment advice and revisit for ongoing dental care. Special funding assistance like insurance coverage, suitable payment options including debit, credit, personal check, and cash will improve your patient relations.

5. Emphasize on Patient Engagement

I firmly believe that one crucial aspect that sets apart a successful dentist is the ability to rely on a group of loyal patients, regularly visiting and recommending the practice to their loved ones.

In today’s digital era, cross-channel marketing through social media, direct mail, and email marketing makes it easier to connect with new and existing patients. Utilize these channels to improve patient relations. I think this is an excellent approach towards your patients to show that you care while helping yourself to become a successful dentist of your time.

6. Build Up Patient Referrals

When it comes to growing your patient base, a word-of-mouth referral is critical and has played a large role in my practices’ growth. You should be proactive in requesting for patient referrals that will help encourage your patients to narrate about your services to others. You can offer a referral bonus program, or can give online review sites links to the patients, and can even provide incentives to the staff to motivate them. With whatever referral technique you choose, remember to review and be consistent!

7. Upgrade Your Scheduling System

A superior dental scheduling system will help you accomplish conveniently booked appointments. It’s an exceptional tool that will contribute to delivering the best customer service at your practice. I have been using an advanced scheduling system tool at my dental offices to create excellent patient flow, increased productivity, and decreased stress for both patients and the workforce. You must ensure that your dental office has the most reliable and the latest scheduling software in place.

8. Ensure Proper Staff Training

Usually, your receptionist or the front desk team is your patient’s first point of contact. Their professionalism, approach, and communication skills can all have a lasting impression on the patients. Ensuring professional training and continued learning programs for your staff are vital to running a successful dental practice. Provide your team with all the relevant skills and training on advanced communication tools to improve patient satisfaction. This has been of great help to my team in making the most of patient interactions.


Steffany Mohan, DDS

Dr. Steffany Mohan, DDS is a highly accomplished dentist, speaker, and coach in dentistry and has been practicing for around 22 years in West Des Moines, IA. She is renowned for her achievements in implant practice management and has established Plaza Dental Group as among the busiest and most thriving dental offices in Iowa