5 Ways a Dentist Can Increase Patient Referrals

Patient referrals is the most cost-effective and best way to get new patients. When people are about to select a dentist, they usually ask their friends and family for recommendations. Statistics reveal that referrals from existing patients account for two-thirds of dental practices’ new patients.

how to get more dental referrals

Here are 5 ways to get dental patient referrals:

1. Offer Outstanding Dental Assistance and Talk About Your Services

Make sure to provide high-quality, comprehensive, and affordable dental care that addresses your patients’ unique dental requirements. Experiencing great service will encourage your patients to refer your practice to their friends and family. Keep your patients informed about the services and treatments you offer. This would be helpful when they refer new patients to your dental practice.

2. Focus on Satisfied Patients and Ask Referrals

Don’t ask a new patient for a referral. New patients are unlikely to refer their friends because they do not have a strong enough relationship with your practice to do so. Instead, focus on your existing patients who have been visiting your dental practice for over a year. You can ask whether they are satisfied with your treatment. If they have no complaints about your services, you can ask them to refer your practice to others.

3. Create a System to Organize and Boost Referrals

Standardize the way you collect referral information so that you can follow-up on time. You can record referral details including the date of the referral, name of the referring patient, and other relevant information about the prospective patient.

Your existing patients may feel reluctant to make a referral without a convincing reason. The best way to encourage your patients to make referrals is to offer incentives. You can offer incentives to new patients and to the existing patient who referred them.

4. Use Your Social Media Accounts and Website to Convert Referrals into Leads

Encourage your patients to follow your dental practice on social media and tell them to invite their friends to follow the page. Social media is a great way to engage with existing and prospective patients! You can post upcoming community events or past events that you’ve participated in. You can also update your patients on the latest specials and discounts to encourage them to schedule an appointment. Make sure that patients can easily go from your social media page to your actual webpage.

A prospective patient may want to check out your website before visiting your practice. Make sure your website looks professional and is easy to navigate. Include all information that a patient would want to know about you or your practice, and make scheduling an appointment through your website easy and effortless.

Additionally, you can collect reviews from your existing patients and post them on your website. Seeing positive reviews can help reinforce the good things their friends have told them about your dental practice.

5. Send a Monthly Newsletter

You can send a monthly email newsletter to your existing patients. It is the best way to keep your patients informed about your new services, events, special offers, and more. Make sure to provide the information in a format that they can easily share with their friends and family.

Request new patient referrals and thank your patients for their referrals in every newsletter. Include a call-to-action button at the bottom of your newsletter to encourage prospective patients to schedule an appointment.

These patient referral program ideas will help you attract new patients to your dental practice.

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