How to Know Your Dental Office Waiting Room Needs a Makeover

Apart from the exterior of your dental office, your waiting room can influence what your patients think about your practice and whether they will return. If you want to create a good first impression, make sure to keep your waiting room updated and comfortable for your patients and visitors.

Dental Office Waiting Room Needs a Makeover

Here are a few elements of your dental office waiting room that may need a makeover:

1. Seating

Placing chairs too close or having uncomfortable chairs in your dental office waiting room won’t please your patients. Make sure to put some space in between chairs and to provide different types of chairs. including firmer, cushioned, and children-friendly chairs. This will let patients choose one they can be comfortable with and happily wait for their appointment.

2. Color

Do not use dull or dark colors in the waiting room of your dental practice. Try to use neutral, warm, or attractive colors to create an inviting environment and set a positive mood. Colors can set the mood for your patients to feel welcomed and comfortable.  

3. Cleanliness

A dirty waiting room will deter patients from coming back to you, and it can cause health problems. A well-kept dental office waiting room will look professional and can create a positive impact on the health of your patients. Keep a trash and recycling can next to each other and near the front door. This will let patients easily throw away trash and help keep your space clean. Additionally, make sure to sweep or vacuum the floor daily.

4. Technology

You can provide a free Wi-Fi network to your patients so that they can entertain themselves while waiting. Also, you can install several charging stations near your patients’ seating, so they can charge their device.

5. Noise

Make sure to keep your dental office waiting room calm and composed rather than noisy. You can use carpets, fabric-covered seats, rearrange furniture or add a door to mute nearby sounds and sounds from the treatment area. You can play soothing background music to create a relaxing and comfortable environment for your patients.

6. Entertainment

Keep your patients entertained and engaged as they wait. Otherwise, they might get bored or think about the pain or consequences associated with the treatment. You can place a TV, set up an aquarium, or put out magazines and picture books in your waiting room.

You can keep your patients happy with a comfortable and pleasing waiting room.

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